About Claire

I am drawn to observing, collecting, nature and making. These elements inform my organic compositions. Combined with traditional metalsmithing techniques, I elevate natural objects and asymmetrical imperfect forms to a level of preciousness.
— Claire Lindsay Mannheimer


The Artist

Claire Lindsay Mannheimer or CLM Jewelry Design for short, is an independently owned jewelry line. Made with purpose beyond it's wearability CLM Jewelry is adornment that adds art and meaning to people's lives.

Claire is a firm believer that surrounding yourself with quality, handmade and repurposed items elevates the spirit. Objects made with intention and that have a story behind them nourish the soul and need to be cherished in a technological, mass-produced world.

Jewelry Studio.png

The Process

Each piece starts out as sheet metal or wire and is designed and carefully crafted by Claire. Perimeters are cut out with a jeweler's saw, edges rounded with tiny files, and smoothed with sandpaper. Even the negative spaces are drilled and sawed out by hand. Claire forms her pieces with a hammer and solders everything together with an acetylene torch.

Collecting at the beach

The Ethics

Claire grew up with close access to nature and as a result, acts with environmentalist tendencies. Whenever possible, shells, rocks, bone, sea glass and ocean trash are collected and incorporated into her work rather than supporting the mining of the Earth’s minerals for precious stones.

She also strives to make the most of her materials. After a project’s completion, the left over metal is often just as interesting. She’ll use the remnant metal pieces as the basis for new designs. This not only achieves an unusual asymmetry but fully honors the jewelry making process and the materials used. Scraps too small to use are melted into little pebbles to use as textural accents. She sources her metal from the USA and buys exclusively recycled silver. Even her copper wire is reclaimed from waste electrical wire from construction projects.