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I loved being a part of my necklace creation process
— Ariana Bernstein

What to expect

You will be working directly with me to create a one of a kind custom piece! Custom orders of any type are generally accepted as long as it fits within my skill set and style. Feel free to contact me to discuss design, materials, pricing and other details. It is always best to meet in person, but we can hold consultations over the phone or email. Once we discuss your project I will estimate the cost based on my time and materials. I will then ask for at least 50% down payment to get started. Be mindful that once I start the project, alterations in design are not usually an option. Also, it is almost impossible to estimate the final cost, so the remaining 50% could be slightly more or less depending on the project. Only when it is completed will I ask for the remaining 50%. Your finished custom order will be shipped or can be picked up once it has been paid for.



Can I order something in a different metal?

Any design you see in my shop may be ordered in another metal. The designs you see available on my website are made with the metals pictured either due to the availability of materials at the time or because it fits within a certain collection’s concept. Be aware that making an existing design in a different metal will alter the final price of the piece. Also, wait times may be longer as I may have to order special materials for you. Your options for metal fabrication include copper, brass, silver, and gold.

Can I use my own stone?

It is also a possibility to have something custom made with a stone that you already own. I will have to see the stone or object first before agreeing to work with it. Providing your own stone can cut down on costs and will also be more personal to you!

How long will it take?

It depends on my availability, the complexity of the project, and whether I have to source and order supplies. Typically custom orders can take anywhere between 2 weeks and 2 months.

Can I return my custom order?

Due to the nature of custom orders a full refund is not possible. Custom orders take a lot of time to conceptualize, design, and make specifically to fit you. Often I need to order special materials and tools to complete the project. Please keep this in mind when you decide to order something custom for yourself, as you need to be very certain of the design and your price range. I will often send process shots to my clients as the work progresses just to keep you in the light about your project. However, if you are for some reason dissatisfied with your custom order a 50% refund will be allowed depending on the circumstances.



Past Custom Projects

The necklaces you made came out so amazing! My girlfriend and I have absolutely loved them.
— Hannah Klikna


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