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The Alchemy Collection is based on the divine feminine symbolized by the moon and divine masculine symbolized by the sun. Alchemy, a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination, refers to the inner work we have to do to balance the feminine and masculine sides of ourselves. This collection takes the symbols of the masculine and the feminine and reminds us of the divine energy we want to focus on channeling.


Growing up on the California coast has been a huge source of inspiration. The Coastal Collection features sea glass, shell, abalone, and beach plastic I have collected from northern California beaches. Encapsulating these elements into a piece of jewelry can bring even the most mundane to the level of heirloom. I look at these treasures as valued talismans to honor, carry and wear, elevating natural and repurposed objects to a level of preciousness.

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The asymmetric, irregular shapes in the Remnant Collection emerge naturally from my remnant metal pieces. Once I am done cutting out a project, what is left over is often just as interesting so I'll use those shapes for the basis of new designs. As an environmentalist I strive to make the most of my materials and make sure scraps don't go to waste.


The Cyclical Collection utilizes waste electrical wire from construction sites. It uses the shape of a circle as an element of design that is repeated through each piece to represent the reclaiming of the material, and renewing of what would otherwise be thrown away. By repurposing materials we are extending their time and reclaiming their life.

Beautiful Jewelry! Amazing artist...very spiritual energy in her pieces.
— Thomas Rome

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