Mountain Range Ring

Mountain Range Ring


As a mountain lover I understand the instinct to want to keep nature close to the heart. Mountains are often considered sacred and are central subjects in may religions and cultural legends. Often thought of as the bridge between the spiritual realm and the realm of the mundane, mountains are undeniably powerful centers of energy.


size- 10.25

band width- 7 mm


sterling silver, patina

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Custom order your very own Mountain Range Ring with a mountain range of your choosing!

Custom Mountain Range Rings cost more than what is currently in stock because of the added the time it takes to source imagery and draw out your mountain range in your particular size. Once you fill out the form, I will contact you with a Pay Pal statement for an estimated 50% deposit to get started. Once completed I will then charge for the remaining 50% plus shipping before sending it to you. Please note that ring size and width may alter the final price slightly but the estimated price is listed below.

Feel free to check out my Custom page for more info on the custom order process!

Name *
Please indicate the band width you'd prefer. Depending on your particular mountain and how extreme it's peaks and valleys, the resulting band width may have to be altered slightly.
The Mountain Range Rings involve cutting out your particular mountain by hand with a jeweler's saw from a piece of sheet metal. It will then be fused, via soldering, to another piece of metal creating a double layered band. You have the option of selecting from three metal options for your mountain.
Patina is used to darken your ring to add contrast between the two layers of metal. Choose from the option of a light patina, just enough to create a shadow effect between the band and the mountain, and a dark patina which will leave the band completely blackened while the mountain will remain its original metal color for a high contrast look.
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